How To Install and Adjust an Automatic Greenhouse Vent Opener

A mechanism that helps keep the right temperature in your greenhouse is the automatic vent opener. Here you’ll learn all you need about installing a this device.

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Whether you are new to gardening or have experience taking care of plants, one thing is true: you want to create the best conditions for your plants. One very important condition is the temperature your plants and crops grow in. A mechanism that helps keep the right temperature in your greenhouse is the automatic vent opener. In this article, you will learn all there is to know about installing, adjusting, and maintaining a greenhouse vent opener so you can create the best environment there is for your plants. So let’s get started! 

What Is an Automatic Greenhouse Vent Opener and How Does It Work?


An automatic greenhouse vent opener is essentially a greenhouse vent with a metal piston attached to it. It is an innovative mechanism and process that makes sure your plants and crops get the right temperature they need in order to grow and thrive. The automatic greenhouse vent opener does not require electricity to operate, and it is made from durable materials.

The main part that makes automatic greenhouse vent openers possible is the “metal piston” we mentioned earlier.

The metal pistons contain a type of mineral wax that will expand when the temperature is high. So as the temperature is rising and the wax is expanding, the metal piston will essentially open the greenhouse vent. Likewise, when the temperature is cool, the wax will contract, and the greenhouse vent will be closed by the metal piston.

Parts of an Automatic Vent Opener

In order to learn how to install a vent opener, it is important to understand its parts. The automatic vent opener is mainly made of three parts:

The spring and arms

The automatic vent opener’s arms each have different jobs. One of them attaches the whole mechanism to either the greenhouse frame or to another window. The other arm is the “pusher” that opens the window. These mechanical arms are connected to another with a couple of strong springs. It can have up to three springs, which makes the vent opener stronger.

The metal piston and the cylinder

The metal piston is inserted into the cylinder. In order for the wax to be properly set in place, the piston and the cylinder have a seal between each other. This also allows the metal piston to easily slide in and out of the cylinder.

A cylinder’s lifespan is approximately 7 years. The wax cylinders can have a longer lifespan if they also operate during the winter.

How to Install and Adjust an Automatic Greenhouse Vent Opener


Installing and adjusting an automatic greenhouse vent opener is a much easier process than one might think. All you need to complete this task in four easy steps are: your lovely greenhouse, the automatic ventilation kit, a screwdriver, some screws, and two hours of your day. So without further ado, let us take you through the four quick and easy steps on how to install and adjust an automatic greenhouse vent opener.

1. Make holes

Firstly, you must place the opener in the center of the window vent and then mark the place of the holes on the greenhouse frame and window frame. You might have some pre-drilled holes that are already se in the center of the window vent if you have a greenhouse with a metal frame. But, if you do not, then simply mark the position of the vent with a pencil and then drill the holes in.

2. Screw to frame

After you’ve successfully marked and drilled the holes in the center, take the automatic window opener and screw it to the frame of the window. After that, just check and confirm that the window can still open and close. 

3. Adjust

After you’ve tested the window by opening and closing it, you might want to adjust how much it opens. So, if necessary, simply rotate the vent opener’s main tube in order to adjust how much the window opens.

4. Wait and see!

And that is it, we are finally at the next step of this easy task. All that’s left to do is wait for a sunny day and observe the vent opener to see if it is opening properly.

Auto Vent Maintenance

Just like with any other appliance or machinery, in order for them to work properly you need to maintain them regularly. The first of two steps you need to take care of is cleaning it. Normally wipe it down and clean it as you would anything else, including all of its parts. Wipe down the piston rod, and remove the cylinder from the vent arm regularly and clean it.

The second maintenance tip is providing lubrication for proper functioning. Just take a small amount of oil and apply it to the moving parts of the vent opener, for example, the metal piston that inserts into the cylinder. 


Ventilation in a greenhouse is crucial regardless of the season. Winter or summer, you must do it. Installing an automatic greenhouse vent opener can save you the headache of having to monitor your greenhouse so regularly and it will ensure your plants are thriving. Doing any home project might be intimidating at first but the end result will make it all worth it. So wait no longer and help your plants thrive and bloom at the right temperature by installing your very own greenhouse vent opener. 


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